Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Ever Potato Bake Dinner

Last night I rummaged through the pantry, dove head first into the fridge, looking for something for dinner.
The fridge was a sorry state.
Soft, bendy carrots, cauliflower that was not so white anymore and a white cucumber, slightly wrinkled.
This is what happens when you go away for a few days and leave food by itself.
The pantry was much more promising. Pototoes! Garlic and onion too.
Tinned tomatoes with herbs.
My mouth was starting to water.
I was in a loving moood, so I decided to whip up something meaty for my husband.
I grabbed out my awesome Christmas present (it is so cute!) and popped some onion, sausages, garlic and the tinned tomatoes in chucked it in the oven. It looked so small in there.

(Please ignore the dirty dishes behind, I like to cook, not clean)

Then onto the food for both of us.
I roughly sliced the potatoes (was trying to entertain baby at the same time so I really didn't care for appearance).
Then into my big casserole dish went the slices of potato, followed by slices of onion and garlic and then more potato.
Pulled out the cream I got from my mum (and her gorgeous cows) and mixed it with some milk.
Poured that all over everything and then told my tummy to shush it had to wait until the food was cooked.

At this stage I looked into the dish and thought to myself "I need to have more than just potato and creamy milk for dinner, this can't be the healthiest thing around".
I know, silly brain!
I found some frozen spinach and sprinkled some around, poured the remaining tinner tomatoes on top and added some of my vege fake "bacon".
Lid on and in the oven!
Then after quite some time cooking, then more time with cheese and no lid......This emerged...

The smell was amazing, the taste was even better. I have never cooked a potato bake with a lid on and I will be doing that every time now! The flavours had been infused in the potato, mainly the fake bacon, and man it was goooood!

My man's food looked alright, smelt ok and I'm pretty sure he liked it too (the totally bare plate tells it all!).

Should get some time today to list a couple of things on my Etsy, it will take a while but I have an extra set of hands to help.

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