Saturday, December 19, 2009

Resin? I remember you! (And a few other things...)

Well Oh My!
Today I got to play around with resin again!
My attempt the other day ran into some troubles when a friend popped over soon after the resin was mixed. We chatted, she left, I came back to find my entire container of resin had solidified.
Hmm not happy at all.
I guess I had not taken into fact the extreme heat and what that meant for my little bucket of fun.
Anyway, today I started again. I set up a little area....

And got to work doing the boring things I needed to finish (Christmas gifts blah labels).
Then after seeing how much resin I had mixed (Oh no, too much) the fun began!
I popped open this arrow tray and went crazy nuts with the sprinkles.

Then while they were curing I started on some other presents which had to be done by tonight as tomorrow they will be handed out.
I made chocolate bullet bark...

Chocolate Candy Cane Bark....

Here they are safely tucked away in the freezer (before adding ribbons) waiting to be eaten....

And this is just because it looks as good as it tasted (Yes I had to quality control everything-sigh so hard!)....

I did make another batch with white chocolate and crushed honeycomb pieces, but it was wrapped and put in the freezer fast as it was too much of a temptation.
And these are my substitution for cards...

They are photos I have taken and glued onto cardboard with lovely messages written on the back.
Much prettier than the santa nonsense that is everywhere!

Then outside to water my little container garden. I am amazed at how fast it is growing! The tomatoes I had were so good, teeny tiny but a million times more flavoursome than store bought.

Yes they are a bit wilted but it was a warm day, they just needed to relax a bit.
Mmmm this guy looks tasty....

Hey there! Hurry up and grow!

Much to my dismay after checking my plants I could not find any female flowers.... No pollinating for me then!
Awful photo I know, it is the white box that gets in the way.....But my pumpkins have sure come out of nowhere!

And my marigolds have started to sprout nicely...

Oooo look. Can you see it? Spot the herb seedlings?
Yummy coriander...

Well that is it for me.
I am tired.
Off to bed!

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