Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stamps ahoy!

I was wondering if it was in any way normal to be excited over stamps? No. Oh good, because I don't feel I fit in that 'normal' category at all!
Today I got my package in the mail of Japanese stamps I bought off eBay. I think they cost me a total of $1 for a whole bag full.
So why would I want stamps?
One night while pondering what the next thing I could embed was, a light switched on and flashed STAMPS!
So I looked and found many on eBay for a very good price and after receiving my first lot I am rather pleased.
There are so many pretty, kooky and cute ones I took a few photos of course....
Oooo opening it up to see inside...

Some of the cuteness.

This one reminds me of Babar....Oh I loved Babar as a child!

We did some shopping today, our little girl is not so little anymore and is growing out of her clothes very fast as well as growing out of her toys! She is no longer amused by most of them and would much rather crawl everywhere instead.
So we bought her a few toys and some clothes (Wonder Woman jumpsuit SO CUTE!)

My lovely husband is working on Christmas Day (but might get off early) and they have told him he can wear a festive shirt if he likes so we went to 4 shops looking for shirts and found NONE! Only cheesey baby outfits which made me want to puke. I turned to my man and asked him...."Why are there no Nativity outfits? Or you think they have pissed Jesus off enough already with profiting from religion?"
We finally found a shop with a shirt and it wasn't too bad but the best part of all was the craft section. found letter beads which I have been looking for for so long (for my resin of course!) and some magnets too. They were awesomely cheap and make me just want to crack out my stuff and start gluing!
I'll just have to wait until the little one is asleep tonight and then away I go!

And yeah we found black tinsel it is AWESOME!

Oh and the little girl said her first word the other day....Mum! It melted my heart.
Today she crawled properly for the first time. It fills me with such love seeing her grow up and learn all these things we take for granted.

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  1. Eve has a proud to moist-eyes uncle and aunt as well. Love your guys! B&MM