Sunday, December 20, 2009

Resin adventures, out of the mold and in front of the camera.

So finally my arrows were ready to be unleashed from their prison cell of a mold.
I love popping resin pieces out, you get to see how they really look.
Though in some cases it can be a bit tough.
Note to self: Use mold release next time or pour shallower!
So here's my little arrows...

I just had to take some side view pics, they look so strange but tasty,

These I started a very long time ago (we are talking about 8 months ago!)

They are my egg fridge magnets. Though the yolk bit didn't come out the way I wanted I now know next time to wait a bit (very hard for impatient me) until the resin has gone a bit more gooey to pour. I was planning on doing a set of egg and bacon magnets but now I cannot remember how on earth I was intending on doing the bacon, all I can remember is thinking how awesome it would look. Not helpful!

These ones remind me of big lollipops. So bright and cheery and yummy looking!

This is my new whiteboard/scribblepad where some of my crazy comes out.....

It was filled with a lot more but I had to use it for a memo so my funny bits had to go....
I left this here as my hubby read the red one and laughed and looked at me and told me I was a crazy lady. Well yeah duh!

And these photos I just have to add....
The other day I had just popped my girl down in her room to play with her mountain of toys while I did some dishes. After a few minutes I heard a strange tapping sound....So I popped my head out and looked down the hallway...

She had the broom in her hand and was tapping away on the floor. Just as I approached she decided to taste the handle.....Oh yuck!
How kind of her to want to help mummy with chores.....
Later in the day she decided she wanted to help with the washing too...

She loves washing baskets. Loves eating them, sitting in them, pushing them.
And this morning she decided that I was not allowed to eat my toast and that she deserved it instead....She snatched it out of my hands and started stuffing her face....

Back off mummy! My toast!

I wonder where she gets all that cheekiness from????

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  1. Love the resin work! the arrows are pretty cool!

    your daughter is so adorable!

    I'm following your blog now, found you on craftster.

    if you'd like to follow me back...