Friday, December 4, 2009

My (Attempt) At A Container Garden...

Lately I have really been trying to focus on my veges. I have never really had the time to get out and dig a proper patch or the funds to buy sleepers and soil to make a no dig patch. I recently found out where to acquire some old railway sleepers free of charge so hopefully soon we can find a trailer and pick some up. Then the real fun will begin.
My first reason for not starting a proper patch was due to the hope of us buying our own house and I was going with the "Why bother making a nice garden here when we will just leave it".
But with recent happenings I have decided to just do it. We might be in this house longer than either of us had hoped but at least we can leave something nice for the next tenants.
So up until now I have gone with ye olde polystyrene box trick. Our front verandah was the spot to be, with plenty of sunshine and close enough so that forgetful me would remember to water.

So here is my little set up:

(Please ignore the rubbish-it seems to be never ending and everywhere!)

My Roma tomatoes..Little thirsty after a hot day...

Hey there little guy!

My Crystal Apple Cucumbers and Mystery Squash (it was a mixed seed packet)

So excitingly empty boxes with tiny hints of seedlings emerging....Soon there will be plants in there...Such as lettuce, pumpkin (to transplant of course), strawberries, basil, coriander, mint, chives and some pretty blue flowers for fun.

So that was it. The grand tour of the front verandah and the many boxes, pots and general nonsense that cover it.
Maybe next time I will show you my seed collection... Like fabric, I have an obsession for collecting seeds. Lots of seeds. I would really love some heirloom varieties as I have store bought generic chemical covered ones.......Want to phase them out when I can afford to go crazy with seed shopping.

And just because I can......Our precious little girl is 7 and a bit months old, she will be 8 months on Christmas Eve.


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