Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More stamps and a decision made...

We had an amazing sunset the other night...

The heavy clouds lit up as the sun slowly set after yet another wet day.
The puddles were like pools of pink fire on the ground.

After a pretty shocking morning (little girl has decided she is my alarm and it has been moved to 5am every morning for food and lots of play) I was happy to see my other stamps had arrived.
Yes, sad I know, when stamps are exciting, but I love getting nice mail of any kind.
I got some vintage car stamps & Australian wildlife.

Even the envelope they came in had some interesting stamps...

After finding my huge stash of resin I decided that now Eve is a bit older I will reopen my shop again. I have already made new things and want to just get all the old out!
I'll be giving things away here and in the shop with purchases so keep an eye out!
I took a whole bunch of new photos today using my gorgeous cupcake plate as background (I LOVE my plate!)
Here are some of the things I need to get rid of...

Now off to keep the little girl entertained. She has become so excited after learning how to stand up that she just wants to do it all the time and gets quite upset if I don't help her!

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