Thursday, October 25, 2012

Soaking Up The Country Sunshine

I'm here!
Yes, I didn't disappear into the dark abyss of the internet, I am here!
I have recently relocated to a bit of a remote area in country NSW.
It is lovely.
My kids are happy.
I am happy.
I have decided to start work on my cookbooks.
It will take a long, long time to cook, photograph and edit, and then finally they will be available to purchase through here and if Facebook allows it, on my page over there too.
I will divide the book into sections so if you only want one part, you can pick and chose exactly what you are interested in.
Forewarning: There will not be much meat in these recipes, if any at all.
There will be butter, lots of butter.
There will be sweet treats, as well as healthy salads and even a bunch of kid-friendly recipes to get those little ones involved.

For now I will leave you with some photos of the beauty that surrounds me...
See you soon!


  1. Lovely photos! Glad to hear you're loving the countryside.

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