Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My 3yr Old Watches YouTube More Than I Do

Yes, it is true.
My daughter has discovered YouTube.
Mostly for music videos.

She has some time every day where she can play on my iPad.
Instead of the puzzle, stories or other children's games I have on there, she chooses to go straight to YouTube.

Her biggest obsession?

Gangnam Style.

Oh yes, she LOVES it!
She mumbles the words and dances along.

Her other obsession?

She bounces and grooves along.
(Here's a little video to giggle at)

I am sure that she has contributed thousands of views to the count!

There is one more that she loves...

It's a bit of a funky Disney's Alive in Wonderland mash-up.

Do your kids love YouTube?
Do you?
I know my husband can spend hours on there!
Not me though!


  1. yep my lot love you tube and Gangnam style they're also constantly on something I think is call stupid Orange where the watch animated, alternative ending to movies. I'm not a you tuber except for tutorials

    1. Stupid orange? Sounds interesting! I am the same though, tutorials or sometimes reviews and recipes, that's about it for me! :)

  2. I like finding posts that say what to look up, not great at just surffing what they have. Like your adds, going to see if my little one likes them.

    1. My daughter is a pro at surfing videos! She can start on a music video clip and end up on WW2 era Donald Duck! :)

  3. Teehehe... you're kids are too cute! You can't help but bob your head to that song though.
    I just showed Hannah the Disney Mash Up and she was mesmirised. As for Gangnam Style... I've been wondering what all that was about. lol... Emily (11) just said to me.. "what? you've never heard of that? You're Kidding? LOL". Apparently I'm behind the times now :-/ So so uncool! :D
    I youtube on our tv (via tbox) quite often to watch Justine Clarke songs with Hannah. I can get an extra 5 or 10 mins of sewing done when I put on "I Like to Sing". :)

    1. I have to admit, it is a funky song and sometimes I find myself bobbing along with them, but if I start to sing along my girl will tell me off! "Stop singing mummy!!" Gee, didn't know I was that bad! :)
      The Disney mixes are pretty clever I have to admit, Eve has moved on to the next one called 'Bloom'.
      Oh that is a smart move, wonder if I could get some extra peace and quiet with Justine songs.... Worth a try! :)