Monday, October 8, 2012

Quick & Easy Pizza Dinner

Say hello to Sunday evening.
I'm exhausted.
Daylight savings has kicked in and ruined the three-nights in a row record of both of my children sleeping through the night.
I am so tired from lack of sleep I sometimes wonder if those glorious nights of uninterrupted sleep ever happened?

Dinner time was fast approaching.
The kitchen was quiet, but the kids were not.
Daddy had run up to the shops to replace a doggy chewed dummy so I was left alone with two hungry children at that time of the day.
Every parent knows that time of the day.
When the kids turn into monsters, their volume increases and they look so hungry they just might eat you alive.
When you are in a mad rush to get dinner ready with them running around, screaming in excitement as they hype up a little fluffy puppy who rewards them with high-pitched yips.
When you open the fridge and see a chilled bottle of wine and don't even realize you are licking your lips, promising yourself a glass as soon as the mayhem is over.

I immediately went to my super fast and easy dinner...
No making fresh dough this time.
I want fast & easy!

So I opened a few cans and chopped a few things up...

Then started with one for the kids...

Sauce, pineapple, olives, ham & cheese.

Popped in the oven for 15 minutes and started on a pizza for me...

I still had time to whip up a quick little salad...

Then when the kitchen had filled with the scent of fresh pizza, the timer went off and out it came...

Oh yeah, it looked good!
Served up with some salad...

And finally, those hungry little monsters were satisfied!

Do you have a favourite last minute meal?
How do you keep your hungry little monsters happy?


  1. Just mad myself one...ham cheese salami olives and fresh basil...yumm..Read your post at the time my tummy was rumbling and jumped to it! Now ide for dinner to feed 6...

  2. Oh Clare! You're making me hungry!!!

  3. Sundays are always Lucy and I home alone. We have omelettes or crumbed fish and veg.
    These pizzas look good!