Thursday, May 31, 2012

What To Expect When You Are Expecting, The Movie.

A few weeks ago one of the lovely ladies on my mother's group Facebook page (yes they do exist, they are secret, all men beware!) shared a trailer for an upcoming movie; What To Expect When You Are Expecting.

I had a giggle and decided it would be a great mummy chick flick to go see when it came out.

A few days later I noticed a competition running on the Nova 969 website (local radio station) to win tickets to see an advance screening. These are the kind of tickets my husband wins all the time so I thought I'd try my luck....

Three weeks later I had forgotten completely.
I had gotten back from my farm trip and dreaded the thought of going through the 600+ emails waiting for me.
I finally decided to sit down, coffee in hand, and clear up my inbox.
Surprise, surprise, there was an email waiting for me saying I had won a double pass!
For that night!
The friend who shared the video sadly could not make it but I sent a message off to my mother in law, inviting her along. She accepted and I was ready for a girly night out!

We got to the cinema and flashed the free tickets, were ushered in and given free popcorn. Why, thank you!
The movie started and we settled in...

I really enjoyed this movie. It wasn't blow-your-mind-amazing, but it was closer to reality than most Hollywood soft focus rubbish. There were moments you laughed, moments you nodded your head in a big OH YEAH I HAD THAT and moments you almost cried.
It was a real mum movie. But some of my favourite parts were the dads...
No, not having a perve fest, they were just so funny!
And the moment that Chris Rock's character says a little speech about how they love being dads....
It was sweet, heart-warming, lovely.

After the movie we walked to the nearest watering hole (pub) for some delicious cocktails and a girly catch up. My mother in law had a drunk guy insist on high-fiving her, and I managed to talk the bartender into making me a cocktail with my own special twist on it. He was even nice enough to bring me the leftovers from the shaker. Hello free cocktail!
I love girl's night out!

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  1. I'd love to see this. Might have to wait till video.