Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Shall We Do?

What shall we do when the children have been cooped up inside all day?
Take them for a play of course!
We piled into the car yesterday afternoon, with our Winter woolies on.
It was cold, on the coast it is even colder.
We took the ten minute drive to a place we hadn't taken them before.
As we pulled into the car park, we looked out over the ocean, it was stormy and dark.

We braced ourselves for the wind and turned around to see both kids had fallen fast asleep.
We decided to let them have a little nap, and I jumped out of the car to take a few snaps.

It really is a beautiful place.

We slowly woke the kids and shuffled them off to have some fun.

This one was straight at it, running and sliding...

Playing in the sand pit.
But my little man, he was tired and it was too cold for him to get out and play. So he sat and watched as we went for a wander...

He really was tired...

We didn't stay long, it began to darken quickly, and the little guy was hungry.
But it was a nice trip out, it kept the kids (and mummy) happy, and gave them something fun to do.
Of course I couldn't complain, I got to have fun with my camera!


  1. What beautiful pictures of your lovely family! Looks like a great day was had by all