Monday, May 28, 2012

My Country Escape

I have spent the last two weeks in a rural time, relaxing, spending precious time with my parents and children.
It was wonderful.
Now I am home, I wish I could pack up the car again and drive straight back!
I would love to say how nice it is to be home again.
Home, sweet home...

But my home is looking, and feeling, and smelling, anything BUT sweet right now.
I guess this is what happens when the man looks after it alone for two weeks.
So today is going to be a washing, cleaning, scrubbing and airing out kinda day.
Not my favourite.....
Especially since my lovely children have kept me up since 4:30am.
And no, not the little fella, my big girl who refused to go back to sleep.


We did the 8hr drive, which took us closer to 11hrs with visits and stops along the way, and arrived at the tiny town of Bingara.

I took so many snaps with my camera, captured so many lovely moments with my family, it is hard to chose just a few to share! Each tells it's own story of our country escape....

Every day was full of playing outside with grandma...

A sad day when a little duckling died.
My girl wanted to cuddle it and never let go.
It took a few hours, tempting sweets, snacks and treats and finally we managed to relieve her of her companion.

Days before we embarked on our journey, I got my Learner's license.
This is the car I (properly, legally!) learned to drive in.

So many beautiful sights to see...

My girl made a friend at the local show.

My boy loved exploring in the yard...

And I was treated to a delicious birthday cake and lovely present from my mum...

I have so many more photos to come, the gorgeous animals and the beautiful scenery.
I am definitely a country girl at heart.

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  1. Nothing better! I must say your Mum seems to be a perfect Granny from what I see and read! What a gem in the family crown. Life in the country is so very different sounds like you got to really soak it all up! xo