Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Easter Weekend

Last night I was watching the old movie Titanic.
Yes, embarrassing, I know. I was home alone with the kids and they were tucked up in bed fast asleep.
So I tucked myself into bed with my fluffy dressing gown, winter pjs, a quilt and feather doona and of course a small handful of mini Easter eggs.
We have experienced a cold snap and I know understand why the last person living here put in a fireplace. Which has since been removed, and no form of heating put in it's place.
We do layers, layers of clothing during the day, and even more layers at night.
I did plan on taking the kids out by myself yesterday for a walk up to the shops, but it was too windy and cold.
Instead we stayed in our pjs all day, drank warm milk drinks, snuggled up under blankets and watched Disney movies.
It was a good day.
Today is about the same, but with dark and ominous clouds hanging overhead.
Scrap any plans to leave the house.
But at least I am out of my pjs.

In my hours of boredom, coupled with my inability to sit and watch a movie without doing something, anything else at the same time, I looked some stuff up.

Like, the most expensive movies ever made.

I was surprised to see the kid's movie Tangled at number 2, $260 million to make!

I read this sweet article about male prisoners taking up knitting:

I looked over the photos I have taken in the last few days...

Easter morning coffee, I ate one egg then felt so sick I stayed away from chocolate all day!

A blue wig arrived in the mail and it made me want to change my hair colour drastically...

So I went blonde... Or at least I tried to!
(And yes, I had a teeny bite of the chocolate bunny but the nausea came back and it was put away lightening fast!)

With my horrible blonde/orange hair, we visited family for Easter lunch.

My boy LOVED his great nana's swing!

We visited the local Easter show and saw some cute little ducklings.

Took some silly photos in-between.
Of course.

Visited more family.
And played bongo drums.

While he played bongoes, she relaxed with a cup of warm tea...

I got some new cloth nappies for my boy in the post, and promptly put them in to soak...

I finally finished sewing some pj pants for my hubby...

More fun mail arrived and we got a little silly...

And somehow I squeezed in a quick trip to the hairdresser to mend my very broken hair...


All in all, it was a pretty amazing weekend.


  1. Loved reading all that! But I could've happily muched those eggs on the side of your cuppa!....

  2. I found you through The Blogging Library :) I have to thank you for telling me the name of that kid's film. I watched it in French with my kids and had no idea what it was called but really enjoyed it LOL