Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Very Sick Household... Again!

I have been hit with a nasty flu.
As I am still struggling to get over it my poor husband got it too.
Even worse than me. Poor thing was rugged up in layers and still felt freezing but his skin was burning to touch.
He is much better today and returned to work, the house was quiet without him!
Eve has had a runny nose but hasn't turned any worse......Yet!
But then again she appears to be teething!

So things may be a bit quiet around here..... For a little while.


  1. Oh Us too! It is the worst! I eneded up in hospital being rehydrated Sunday1 ugh!!!!
    Being Pregnant does'nt help us though.
    Drink lots and stay warm

  2. Must be something going round C!
    We still are all sick from the other week.
    Can't get into Dr here til Monday.

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  4. Have'nt got your email so thought I would drop you a line via here...
    You ok honey? Everything ok with Baby and all?
    Been awhile and just was worried bout y'all....Hope you have just been busy:)