Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Rising Water...

Little girl, big storm.

It's been a bit wet in our little town lately.
The river that joins onto the creek that runs through town has been raging and causing lots of floods. Around town it looks like we are slowly sinking as the water rises.
As we left yesterday morning to go to a birthday party we were flagged down by our neighbour who warned us that the creek behind our house was getting higher and higher and it might flood over to us....... Yippee!
The rain was on and off and in a break of sunshine we went to have a sneak peek at the creek.....

You can see the debris in the trees from earlier in the day when it had been much higher!

Usually about 1/4 the size of this and barely moving.

The water had obviously been very high but was slowly going down though still very rapid.
We had a nice little walk, snapped some pics and just as we got home the rain started again. Those clouds were just waiting!

My goofy little dog & me. She loves our walks.


  1. It all looks so dark and stormy!...But such a pretty area.
    It has rained abit here too,Our tanks though are very happy for it!

  2. Times like these I wish we had a water tank!
    I have a thing for dark storm clouds, they look so pretty. :)