Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Cheesecake

I did it.
I made the cheesecake.
And boy it was good!
No recipe, just some chocolate, cream cheese and a tiny bit of gelatine to help it hold together.
Pop that on a crunchy chocolate biscuit and coconut base and yummo!

When we arrived at our friend's house the children (and adults) stared and commented.

We had dinner, chatted and the children finished their food long before us, ready with just enough room in their tummies for dessert.
I sliced it up as everyone crowded around me, salivating.
Then there was silence.
We all ate.
The kids wanted seconds, but it was time for bed.
The youngest, 6 years old came up to me and gave me a sad face.....
"Are you leaving the left over cheesecake here so we can have some tomorrow?"
I told him yes.
He gave me a gigantic hug and ran off to bed.
So sweet.

(Not big enough I say!)


  1. Mmmm it was so good, took a lot of strength to leave it there and not smuggle it out in my handbag! :)