Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Banana bread

A few days ago I had some banana bread from the local cafe.
It reminded me just how damn tasty it is!
But I am a fussy eater (understatement!) and all the recipes I have tried gave a crumbly, more like a cake than bread result.
Nothing like the dense, moist deliciousness that the cafe has.
I went on a mission.
I HAD to find a good recipe!
I stumbled upon this one:
I read the ingredients and wondered but thought I should give it a go.
And this was the tasty result:

It is just as promised!
Moist and dense and oh so tasty!
The crumbly topping is so good I am glad I didn't omit it.
I have already chopped, wrapped and popped most of it in the freezer for after baby comes.
It was tough finding room in the huge freezer full of food, I will have to take some photos to show you how crazy I have been with the cooking.
I managed to get the hubby to help me make well over 30 pies the other day.
It was very messy but fun!

Last night while I was snuggled up in font of the tv (it has been COLD!) I worked on some of my resin pieces that are almost finished and made some new ones too. I'll be getting back to those soon.

Found out the hard (and ugly) way that blonde hair does NOT suit me!
Oh and that I had waaaay too much dark dye in my tips.
The end result was a blonde top with burnt red tips.
It did look kinda cool but I had run out of dye and there were some brown patches which just looked silly.
Oh and the whole blonde with dark brown eyebrows is NEVER ok!
So while I sit here typing my hair is going a nice dark black, the chosen 'back up' dye in case it all went horribly wrong.
I am glad the poor public didn't have to see that terrible mess!!

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