Monday, April 13, 2009

Rain, Glorious Rain!

Last night the dark clouds finally decided to break.
It rained all night, and most of today.
The best weather for snuggling in bed.
But no, I decided to take photos of all the pretty wet things outside.

Once the rain stopped suddenly there were flies EVERYWHERE.
Hmmm I don't like flies!

Mmmm rusty wet pipe....

Even the tap was wet! Gasp!

Then these little furry things kept following me around....

So easy to take photos of when they don't notice...
Then they realize and start pushing each other away for more attention.

Oh they love to pull on the sad faces!

Finished this stencil yesterday:

And here's the latest crochet project I'm working on:

So pretty and colourful!


  1. I love those rain pictures! Rain's pretty scarce around here in NorCal, so I love it whenever it does rain!


  2. love the pic especially the faucet (very artistic) and the ones with raindrops (capturing nature in action)