Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crochet, Clothes, Resin And An Echidna!

Last night as I was scouring the internet for cute free crochet or sewing patterns (need some new ones!) I heard a rather strange noise outside our window. It sounded like one of our dogs had escaped and was rustling in the grass outside.
So I went to investigate.
I turned the light on and saw nothing.
I leaned over the verandah and heard the noise again.
What the??
Still I couldn't see anything.
So I grabbed the torch....
Still nothing.
I went back inside, settled back to the computer when all of a sudden our dogs started barking like crazy.
So I went out the back and told them to shush it.
Seconds later they were barking again.
I went back outside and they were trying to get to something under the house.
Lucky there are wooden slats to stop them from going under and escaping.
I heard the rustling noise again.
What was it?!?!
So I grabbed the torch, and then the husband, and went out to investigate.
We weren't expecting to find.....An Echidna!!

The poor thing was so scared as the dogs were on the other side of the fence sniffing, barking and squeezing their noses through to poke it.
I wanted to get a cute photo but of course our batteries had died so all I had was my mobile phone-not the best but better than nothing!
It was so cute digging it's way into the grass clippings, it's tiny nose poking out and wiggling around.
After wondering what to do and deciding it would be fine, just keep the dogs away, we locked the furry ones in the laundry for the night.
Sadly this morning our spiky friend had gone.

Have finished a few more things over the last few days.
Like this capelet that was supposed to be a dress but the pattern turned out weird and I ran out of wool. With a matching beanie of course!
I finally used one of my vintage buttons for the back closure too!

Some sewing I have been doing. Doesn't look quite as good on the floor as it does hanging.
But hey, I made my own very rough pattern and just made it up as I went so I think they turned out kinda cute.
The fabric was an awesome op shop find-a big nightie I bought for me which didn't end up fitting over my bump.
The skirt was going to have one big ruffle all the way around, but I liked the little bustle thing at the back better.

And here is a whole tonne of resin pendants I have just finished the final touches on:

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  1. I had no idea what an echidna was--I had to google it. It's so cute!

    Your candy-like resin gems are fun!
    (Found you via an Etsy forum.)