Thursday, April 2, 2009

New bag, matching wallet and zipper pouch.

Over the last two days I have been doing even more sewing.
After having some mouse issues at home (terribly long and HORRIBLE story which involves me waking up to hear mice in my handbag hanging right next to my head) I decided that I needed a new bag.
The old one smelt like mice.
They have a horribly distinctive smell.
This smell also soaked into my wallet which I made for myself a long time ago.
So I rummaged through my fabric and came up with this:

I didn't use any pattern, just kinda made it up as I went along.
I knew I wanted something not too silly (most of my cute fabrics are rather silly) and versatile.
So I went with my yummy wine coloured cord (which I bought an an op shop for $1 and got at least 2 metres of!) and some pretty butterfly quilting fabric which has been lying around looking at me.

Put in some side pockets.....

Here's the pretty front bit....

Those two photos show the cord colour the best-it is so rich and yummy!
And since I went for such a 'grown up' look for the outside I had to combat it with some pretty cupcakes on the inside!

Then I made this wallet out of the butterfly fabric...

(Yes my sewing machine decided to annoy me just as I was finishing!)
And here's the inside....

I also had the brainy idea of putting in a slot for pens-they always get lost in my bag!
Other things that like to get lost in my bag are:
Lip Balm
Hair Clips
Hair Elastics
Pain Killers

So I made this little zipper pouch to pop them in...

I love the fabric! It was yet another op shop find.
Now my bag looks so organized it doesn't look like it could possibly be mine!!!

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  1. Hello, I followed your link from Craftster.

    The pen slot and pouch are really smart. Nice work.