Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crafting up a storm...

I finally managed to get the camera to work for me today!
Yesterday I went into a flurry of activity, sewing like mad for our unborn little one.
I decided some cute and totally useless items were needed.
Here was the result:

(he likes to hang with my fish in the bathtub)

Then after spending days sorting through patterns for fitted nappies and digging out old t-shirts and unpopular fabrics I finally got to sewing some!
Learnt a few things:
  • Snaps are a waste of time! They cut through my fabric and a big patch up job was needed.
  • Read through directions numerous times and pick out any mistakes and change!
  • Terry toweling is great for inserts but not as an overall layer-it restricts the elastic too much.
  • Finally feeling like I can sew these things with my eyes shut after so much trial and error is an amazing feeling.

The cute spotty fabric was from an awesome op shop find! A hand sewn original 70s dress-I felt cruel pulling it apart but I just had to use the fabric!
The pattern I found here.
I did a lot of research and this one seemed to be the best rated overall.

Then I pulled out these blank onesies that I was planning on doing cute patches on and remembered that I had fabric paint and they were just begging to look like this:

And after buying a whole box of mangoes on our trip to sydney and forgetting to eat them I finally decided that something had to be done! (Before they rotted in the box)
So I made some Mango Jam/Sauce.
It was supposed to be jam but it never wants to set for me. But after my last batch it has become a favourite with some friends (apparently tastes divine on pancakes!) so I figured it could stay a sauce.

Now I am going to run back to my sewing machine to finish more nappies (had to do emergency run to shop for more velcro!)

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