Friday, March 13, 2009

Buried treasure of the crafty kind...

Yesterday I went rummaging through our shed of boxes to find some crafty stuff to do.
The fun part was hearing scurrying noises and thinking "Hey I have two dogs, I'm sure they'll come in here and protect me against any vermin!"
The not so fun part was looking behind to see my oh so ferocious puppies standing in the doorway, too scared to come in lest the lawn mower suddenly start itself and attack them. They inched in, sniffed the mower, and jumped back.
After realising that I could not rely on them to defend me I figured I may as well be as quick as possible.
So I started throwing boxes around, looking for the ones with the goodies.
Woohoo found it!
But it was down the very bottom, behind a stack of other boxes too heavy for me to move. I attempted to reach around but the watermelon sized baby bump in front of me rejected the idea.
So I got the man out to help.
After opening the box and ooogling all my goodies I had a thought "I'll need my drill to sand some of these..."
Back to the mountain of boxes I went.
Luckily this one was small and near the top, but also in the corner of the scurrying noises.
I went fast.
Super fast.
Then did my pregnant waddle back to the house.

Here's some of the mountain of goodies I found:

I had fun sharpening crayons for this one:

And my sweet little dino friend:

I wore one of my shell necklaces out the other day and got quite a few comments-most people were surprised I had made it-looking totally baffled as to how one could do such a thing.
One lady suggested I sell them at markets-which I would love to do, but not sure if having a newborn soon will make it possible. Then of course I thought of etsy, but there are so many people selling resin jewelery on there-would make it much harder for me.
Any ideas??

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  1. That dinosaur is so cute lol yea I got a deal of selling some of my stuff and I was too lazy to do it lol