Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Late night sewing

My sewing machine has had a real workout these last few days, especially last night when I attempted my first little clothes.
I found it so much easier than sewing for myself!!!
Of course I have no idea what they'll look like on, but they seem to look pretty cute hanging so I have faith!
I dug out this fabric:

It was an op shop find (of course!) and has been cut into small pieces but so cute I have been wanting to make something out of it for a long long time.
So without pattern or any idea what exactly I was sewing I ended up with these:

Then I decided-don't stop there! Keep going you crafty woman!
So I did.
And now I have these:

Oooo more pretty fabric....

Crochet mary janes modelled by my trusty octopus I made in the last few days of sewing:

They came out very small though.......Hmm!

More stenciling!

And of course another nappy, and also a microfibre insert.

Yes, yes WONKY SEAMS!!

And I have to ask, why are all the microfibre cloths out there FLURO????????

So that was it, for yesterday.
Maybe some more stuff today.
Though the weather is the 'I could just stay in bed and snuggle under the blanket with some hot tea and a crappy movie' kind of weather.
Little bit of the wet stuff too.
I guess winter really is coming after all.


  1. what cant you do?

    cooking, stenciling, sewing, crochet, resin!

  2. Hi, I thought I'd let you know in case you didn't know already that its not recommended letting the microfibre touch the little bubbas skin as its drying for them. If you cut a piece of microfleece or thin polar fleece the same size and put that on top that will help. Go cloth! And cute nappy btw :-)

  3. Oh the microfibre bits will be incased in some cotton-I have just been too lazy to do it yet! :D
    I have so joined the cloth revolution!

    Hehe Chelsea I can't knit, keep organized, have a healthy relationship with my overlocker or embroider.
    Stuff on here is just the few things I CAN do! :D