Thursday, February 26, 2009

More cooking fun.

Today has been another long day-cooking of course!

I made some yummy vege pasta bake to add to the freezer full of food.

Then I made some slice for the road trip this weekend.
(Can't go driving without yummy food!)

Then made this yummy stir fry for dinner.....Mmmm...

And now I am enjoying a tasty treat which I finished today.
Somehow I always end up covered in chocolate when I do dipping!

Now pretend you aren't jealous of my dessert! :D


  1. Don't you eat anything you make lol you would think you have a huge freezer.

    Are those Oreo Bon-Bons?

  2. Your food looks so yummy, especially the stir-fry!

  3. I have been going cooking insane since we got our big freezer back-trying to prepare for when the baby comes and cooking will not be high on the priority list! :D
    The yummy dessert thingies are kinda like bakerella's cupcake pops but I changed a few small details. Sooo terribly addictive!