Saturday, February 14, 2009

Raspberry Friands and a preview of the next freebies.

Today I did some more cooking. Creamy chicken & vege pies for the hubby and some yummo raspberry friands for us both.
I have to admit I did use a packet mix for the friands, simply because they were marked down to $2 (from $5) and I thought they'd make a good addition to the already full freezer of yummy foods.
And of course because I was bored and felt like decorating them they have little love hearts. Awww......

And after all the rummaging yesterday I found these little beauties:

They are two pendants and one fridge magnet. So yummy and fruity!
They will be the next giveaway, just thought I'd give you a sneak peek before putting them up on Craftster for all to see!


  1. what did you use to make the hearts? and I'm assuming that is just powdered sugar?

  2. Yeah i cut out cardboard hearts and put them on before sprinkling. :D

  3. oh my god. These fruits are adorable X3

    im 14 and am just getting into crafts ^^

  4. 1. What are those fruit pieces made of?

    2.Wow I thought you had some fancy doohicky but card board I could do that lol.

    3. You should post more:)

  5. Thanks! :D
    Go crafting crazy Amanda! It's the prettiest addiction out there and you learn so much. :D
    Hey Chelsea,
    the fruit are coloured resin (took a lot of fiddling to get proportions right!).
    Lol, cardboard has endless possibilities! And it's freeeee :D
    Why thank you I will be posting more stuff today.

  6. OMG fruities! *HEART* I am so jealous of all you people that get to play with resin and stuff :P