Monday, March 15, 2010

When The Internet Is Down...

Today our internet was down.
All day.
My husband called up our provider, but they were quite wishy washy and full of excuses, saying it should be working fine.
Well it was not.
I did not want to spend hours on hold waiting to try and clear things up so I decided to wait until the smart husband arrived home.

So while my baby girl slept, I sanded, wiped, sanded, scraped, glued and buffed and here is what I have:

(I did not murder the butterfly, my hubby accidently drove into it. found it on the ground after falling off the front of the car. Poor thing was too beautiful to leave there)

Plastic from inside an old keyboard. I love the way this turned out.

Some beautiful Japanese fabric I have.

The Queen of Hearts!

I found these cute navy blue bows and had to experiment....

Pesky bubble!

Cute fabric!

I'm pretty happy with them, I think the cute fabric ones are my favourite, though I'd never wear them, they are just not me. :)

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    I mean I will be happy if I have a friend from other countries(yes I know my english not good but I can handle that)

    Can we be mail friend?

    I f your answer is yes I will waiting your mail,You can find my email adress at my blog

    and here still winter I love your sunny photos :)
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