Sunday, March 14, 2010

So Many Projects, So Little Time...

I have had some issues with my sewing machine lately. Mainly tension issues, needle snapping and me putting any old random one I could find in. Not sure that was a good idea as I now need to do a lot of fiddling to get it back to normal.

Here is a cushion I made for a friend before the issues arose:

And my little stuffie rabbit:

(Trying to blend in with the junggle animals-not working)

I also made a stuffie puppy for Eve but it is in her room and she is sleeping. There is NO WAY I am risking waking her up! Poor darling has had a flu virus thing and cut her third tooth the other night too. It is her left upper fang! She looks so funny.

A work in progress skirt made with a tonne of panels and I still have a few more to add....Just need some new fabric....Ok well I don't need but I do want!

A corset style top I found hidden in a box I had started a long time ago, I fixed up some hems and stitching which had come undone and started to add this cool trim...

And then a very easy no sew (except for one tiny bit hand sewn) chain necklace. I found the tutorial here:

I used some red and black pvc I had lying around, the photo really does not bring out the bright reddness.

It is soft and comfortable and I really like it. :)

My garden has been thriving lately. I have been picking beans every day.

Picking my mini corn every few days. This photo was taken a week or so ago and they are all much bigger and have been producing lots of yummy mini cobs for us!

My pumpkin is getting bigger.

Had these yummy squash for dinner last week.

Lots more coming!

Picked these baby carrots but they weren't very nice, don't think they got enough water...

I love the silks on the corn, such a pretty colour...

Genghis has been a sad puppy, moping around so I have let her hang aound a bit more with me. She needs the company.

And this little girl has a new fun game she likes to play with all her food.
Rub it in the har, all over the face, highchair and then sit on it so it squishes into my pants and stains all my new clothes.

Phew well that was a long post! I am off to snuggle up under our big fluffy doona with my man and watch something together.

Any suggestions to a good comedy movie to watch??

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