Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cleaning Frenzy Is On!!

After all my efforts of the big cleanup in our study I came across a minor hurdle. I love this hurdle, I married him and had a child with him. He has a name.
He bought a new computer. Well not really, he borrowed money to buy one as our last one was at the end of it's life.
So after my days upon days of cleaning out that room, he came in, and left a storm of old computer parts, boxes from new computer and random crap he had picked up along the way behind him.....Hmf!

So I decided to start again.
I looked at my mountain of wool, thhe freshly washed ones were dry but there was no way they could ever possibly fit in my big tub. So I went searching for other alternatives for storage.
I entered our bedroom......

Let me start by saying our bedroom has always been the messiest room of the house.
When our daughter was born it was as if Winter had come early so all we could do was coop ourselves up in the one bedroom with our tiny little fan heater and hope we didn't freeze overnight.
The days weren't much better. I found myself staying in the room most of the day with the heater on full.... Which of course meant that dishes started to move in with us, dirty washing began to pile up. I was so busy with a newborn and washing her nappies that our clothes barely got a look in!
After we emerged from the 'newborn haze' I started to get the room clean. No more dirty dishes, no more mountains of dirty clothes....Ok well I lie there, we somehow always have dirty washing lying around. I do at least one load a day and since there are three of us I was getting confused.
Then I noticed something...... My husbands mountain of clean washing (that he had always said he was going to put away but always got distracted so never did) was spilling onto the floor, right next to the mountain of dirty washing.
I was a bit furious!
I had been washing his clean clothes for months!

In my search for storage for my newly clean wool I found an old set of plastic drawers in our bedroom, so I figured I would clean out our bedroom first then get the drawers out.
The room was a big job, it took me two days, endless hours and many loads of washing but it is finally clean. I am still catching up on the last load or two of washing and thee man does need to put a small pile of his stuff away. But it is so improved!
I moved our bed around too due to the one night it got freezing cold and my flu worsened overnight thanks to window above my head.

Still getting used to it though.
The best part, appart from stepping back looking at it and going "OH YEAH!" was the things I ffound under the bed!
It was pretty scary since we have had a mice problem from the second we moved in. I had no idea what I would find.
But it was good! I found a huge bag of clothes from before I was pregnant, all my old favourites!
Of course there was a lot of rubbish under there too.....
But the worst part was when we moved our dresser.......
We have heard scratching noises behind this dresser for a while....I don't like it, I hate these wild mice, they are the one thing that make me go "eek!"
We pulled out the dresser.... Behind the dresser there was a small hole in the wall, had been there when we moved in but apparently it was the gateway for our mice residents to their new home. They had built a nest in the gap between our dresser and the wall!
So I squealed, ducked in with the vacuum but had to get the man to pick the nest up and put it in the bin as there was no way it would fit in the vacuum and NO WAY I was getting any closer to it!
There were no mice in there (PHEW!) but it was still awful.
But I feel much better knowing it is gone.

One of the things I found hidden under the bed was this hat:

I had forgotten I had even made it!
Oh and she tried a bit of her first Easter egg too....

She loved it of course!

The other thing I have been doing every day is going outside for a nice walk. I get a bit cooped up cleaning all day so it is nice to get some fresh air after all the hard work.

We cleaned up our loungeroom yesterday, moved all the furniture so we can use the fireplace and got rid of our broken coffee table. The room looks so big now!
I'm not a huge fan of cleaning, but the results are so worth it, I feel better being in a nice tidy and organized room. And yes, I am bonkers. :)

Since today is Sunday, and Easter Sunday at that, we will be going off to church and then coming home to maybe a bit more cleaning. I'll probably do a small room like the bathroom, I'd love to have a day of rest but I think if I do I will lose all momentum and nothing will happen.

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