Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Three C's. Crochet, Cooking and....Crappy Weather!

Yesterday I tackled some unfinished projects. It feels rather nice to actually finish things!

Though I would love to say it was sheer determination that made me do it there was another little thing helping me along.... Our internet was down. Well, not just ours! Our lovely service provider had outtages in almost every state! Just a tad frustrating but at least I got things done.

I dug this toy up I started for Eve a long time ago..... Finally stuffed it, popped some eyes on and finished up the head. My crochet was looking so messy at the top (silly me should have started the other way around but I was freestyle crocheting, had no idea what I was doing!) that I went the sneaky way of finishing and closed him up flat and gave him a weird head tentacle thing.

Getting the dog's approval...

Can I eat it?

I think I like you...Like like you.

I love this rainbow yarn!

I still have some left but I cant decide what to make!

Finished up this little baby blanket but a bit smaller than I had hoped as I ran out of one of the colours. Had a great suggestion of turning it into a cushion cover. Might do that!

It has come to that time of our-pantry-is-so-empty-so-is-the-fridge-what-am-I-going-to-EAT?!? We are due for food shopping this weekend so things have been getting creative the last few days. Though I am impressed we have made the food we bought last time stretch out so long.
So I rummaged in our big freezer and out popped a tiny little frozen mound of pizza dough. Mmmm pizza is nice for lunch on cold wet days. So I cracked open a can of flavoured tuna, cut up the last 3cm cube of cheese we had and threw it all on the dough. Baked for 20mins and out came perfection!

Eve saw my lunch and then refused hers. She stole a piece of mine and she loved it too!

I cooked up some pasta for dinner last night using some leftover sauce from the freezer but was hankering for something yummy for dessert....
I grabbed a bowl and started throwing random cake-like ingredients in. Mixed it all up, chucked it in a dish and popped it in the oven, hoping it would be edible.

I would have gotten a photo of before....But honestly I didnt have the time. It came out of the oven and was consumed while sitting in bed watching NCIS with the hubby. This is what was left this morning:

It was good, good, good! Yummy and dense, moist and chocolatey. I had put oats and ground linseed in there so it has a healthy side to it!

And that was a nice way to end the day.
Today I need to drag myself and the little girl up to the library to pick up some books and to probably pay a fine though I returned the books, I think the recent long weekend might have stuffed it up somehow. Oh well!
I just hope it doesn't rain on us..... Eve does not like being under the pram plastic cover. Don't blame her, I'd hate it too!

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