Friday, April 1, 2011

Feed, sleep, cry. Repeat.

Life with a toddler and little new baby....

We walk...

Lucky girls get rides from grandma.

Little man snuggles with mummy and sleeps soundly.

Then there is feeding...

Full tummy cuddles.

Need to keep everyone entertained...

So much big sister pride...

But everyone gets tired....

Relaxing bath before bed.... (Where is mine?!!)

With the help of my super mum I even managed to get my balcony garden set up...

Coriander, Parsley, Lettuce, Spinach, Shallots, Celery, Snow Peas and a Dwarf Lemonade tree.

Even though I am sleep deprived and have moments of despair I still take time to be grateful for my beautiful little family. They fill me with love and happiness.


  1. Congrats! A lil boy!And your sentiments are soooo my very same! Our boys have the same suits too!! the stripy and the plane ones:)
    eNJoY IT PASSES so quickley as you well know

  2. Beautiful family Clare :)



  3. Congrats Clare! I had no idea our bubs were due so close together, my little girl was born March 18 :).

    Looks like everything is well, i love your garden set-up too. Give me a yell if you want to talk baby stuff (or not, lol).

    eveningsong ink

  4. Congrats Nikki! I had no idea!
    How is life with a new little one going?
    Lol I love to talk baby stuff, all the time, any time! :)