Monday, January 24, 2011

So many changes, in so little time.

So here I am again, after another big break from blogging....
So much has happened!
We moved down to Sydney into a little 2 bedroom unit my in laws own. Cheap rent but not quite the house we were hoping for.
We will get there though!

Of course I have already made a few crafty alterations to the place..... Hanging giant paintings done by my daughter down the plain white hallway and giving the balcony a touch of bamboo screening and pretty plants. Am eagerly awaiting our next trip to my parents place to pick up our final load of stuff (including the all important baby stuff!) and my polystyrene boxes full of veggies. I definitely miss having my own veggies to pick at whim!

While the hubby is at work the day can go slow and trying to entertain Eve can get rather difficult..... It is much too hard for me to take her out by myself as we live on the top floor (two flights of stairs with a pram!!) and since my baby belly is rapidly expanding I am much more limited by what I can do.

The not so little bump is growing so fast, and the urge to get everything set up is nagging at me. We have kept the sex of the baby a surprise and names we have chosen a secret. This does make it a little bit more difficult not knowing if we can keep all the girly baby clothes we already have or if we need to buy more!

Since we moved into such a small place, I had to be brutal and not bring any of my crafty stuff with me :( Very sad and hard to do but we just don't have the space for it here and I doubt I will even have the time with a little baby on the way and an already demanding toddler. I am ever so grateful that my mother has taken a heap of fabric off my hands and is letting me store some things there. It has taken me years and years to build up this stash, not easy to let it all go.
But I do let my creativity out with my cooking. Our kitchen is probably the best we have had for years and years so I have been giving it a big workout! It isn't huge but with the numerous cupboards and massive pantry we manage with everything.
I guess my favorite has been baking and doing the meal planning. Meal planning is such a great help with food shopping and cutting down on waste I don't think I could ever not do it. Of course I do allow room in the weekly shop for some baking to be done, lately I have been trying new recipes with some very yummy results. I will definitely be sharing recipes with you and even post the utter disasters if they happen (I hope not!). The latest yummy new recipes I have tried have been:

Low fat blueberry muffins (a recipe from an app I have on my new iPad that looked a little different to the traditional.....tastes great too!)

Polka dot cookies (very yummy but very crumbly and messy)

Key lime pie (So rich but so good. Will be making it again!)

Parmesan and parsley crusted fish fillets (I have never cooked much with fresh fish but wanted to try it out. Big hit with everyone! Will be doing this again!)

I have also decided that we need to finally do a budget and stick to it and organize ourselves a lot better. Since the hubby's has bills come out of his account he has been a little less than organized when it comes to when things come out and how much it will be. Let's just say we have had bills come out while we have been food shopping and had our cards declined at the register.... Not very nice at all!
So I have drawn up a budget of what comes in and what comes out and we were both shocked at how much we are left with. WHERE DOES IT ALL GO!?
I have printed up monthly calendars for on the fridge and put when things will be coming out and how much, so we are a little more prepared.
Am hoping these changes will help us in that never ending struggle to pay off debt :)

Anyway so my blog will probably be a bit less crafting, a bit more cooking and budgeting and a bit of anything else in-between.

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  1. WELCOME BACK!!!!!
    MY baby belly too is increasing and huge!
    I too would like to use a Food planner....How do you do it? Just write a List Or whats in season? How do you actually do one?
    Bills are never ending and I figure in this day and age if you have kids and want to be home you just count your blessings if you get by,It is the wrong time in life to try and get ahead.
    So long as I have enough to pay ALL bills and food I am happy!
    I am one of few families here with 5 nearly 6 of us on one wage....A meagre wage too and we do well.
    Bye for now,Sorry bout the novel! lol!

  2. Thanks! It's good to be back! :D
    Lol my method of food planning is....pretty simple i guess! Since hubby gets paid weekly (im used to my fortnightly payments) it makes it so much easier!
    I usually start with a list of our favourite easy meals i make, add a few id like to try and then see what we already have in the pantry/fridge for each meal and if we are tight on money that week I choose the meals we already have most ingredients for.
    Then I arrange everything for specific days so things like herbs and mushrooms don't wait til its the end of the week and they are all yuck.
    I also recently did a little list of breakfast ideas as it can get a bit boring with just toast or cereal all the time.
    I can't imagine how you get by with so many mouths on one salary! You must be a pretty frugal woman! :)
    Lol so there's my novel response :D