Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why I Watch TV (And No, I Don't Feel Bad About It)

I watch a fair bit of tv shows.
I do not watch many Australian shows, and I prefer to watch them online.

I know that people say tv 'rots your brain'.
Yes, I do think that reality shows like "Big Brother". or "X-Factor" don't really stir up the brain matter much.
They are purely based on entertaining you.
(Not that I find them entertaining at all)

I like the shows that make you think.
I like the shows that make you sit in awe as you watch one man portray a character that deepens with every episode.
That makes me appreciate acting.

I like the shows that are historical, educational, or just good for a laugh.
I like the shows that make you gasp at the end of each episode, asking yourself a million questions while you wait for the next.

Do you like to watch tv?

Some shows bore me.
I zone out and end up busying myself with other things and listen to the dull dialogue.
Others pull me into an obsession, they weave such wonderful stories that suck me in.
They create characters that I love.

I'm not obsessed with tv.
I am not ruled over by my 'idiot box'.

But at the end of the day, when the house is still and the kids are fast asleep, I like to relax.
A glass of wine, an episode of my favourite show.
I need to relax.
With two kids full of burning energy and attitude, I need to relax.

I go through shows frequently, some I come back for more, some I drift away from, not interested any more.

I noticed that one of my most popular blog posts is the one about Doctor Who.

Since I wrote that, I have become more obsessed.
I get up on a Sunday morning and settle down in front of the computer with my hot coffee and fresh breakfast and open up the Abc iView.
Those genius' thought to upload the newest episodes within hours of them screening on tv in the UK, for all the Aussie fans.
Thank you!

But I don't just watch Doctor Who.
My other recent obsessions:

Breaking Bad (I was told about this for so long and finally caved in. It is amazing, raw, real, gritty, with the best acting I have seen)

Game of Thrones (This started off a bit slow for me, but now I am hooked!)

Sherlock Holmes (Love it! Brilliant acting and great sleuthing stories)

Once Upon A Time (I was quickly addicted to this real world/fairy tale drama. It is sometimes cheesey but overall, fantastic!)

Now, I'm pretty sure everyone has some guilty pleasures. Shows that are horrible, but you just can't stop watching. Ones that make you laugh, or yell at your screen "Oh no, did you see what they just gave their child!?!"

Please don't judge me for these guilty pleasures....

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (I have seen Toddlers & Tiaras and it was another guilty pleasure a while ago, even my husband would watch with me! But this show follows one of the families and never ceases to amaze me with what they get up to... Not in a good way!)

Teen Mom  (Yep, a long time ago I watched 16 & Pregnant when I was pregnant. Now this follows the new mums on their journey. Some shockers, some who turn out to be natural mums and others who get in trouble with the law. Trashy tv at it's finest!)

Hoarders (It makes me feel like my house is spotless when I watch this show, and motivates me to clean even more! Warning: Do not eat while watching! One episode they found 16 dead cats in the house while they cleaned it up. The owner had no idea. *Spew*)

I also like to watch random documentaries on the iView and other shows that grab my interest. I love Grand Designs and other home building shows. Though it does make me wish for my own build!

So what is your favourite show?
Do you watch tv?
Are you addicted to trash?


  1. Me too!!!! I love it when the kids go to bed, I sit on the lounge and draw, and the TV HAS to be on :) Right there with you with Doctor Who and Sherlock, but also rather fond of Supernatural. Love docos but subtitles mess me up - I listen more than watch TV lol

    1. I think I am so used to having constant noise, that silence kills me! I can definitely relate with listening more than watching, I tend to busy myself with other things while I watch so subtitles mess me up too! :)