Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wardrobe Makeover, For The Little Miss

I have a problem.
A storage problem.
I never seem to have enough room.
Our cupboards near our laundry are overflowing with bedding, towels and random things.
Such as:
A tarp, inflatable family pool, boxes of speakers, an old mixmaster, old wooden toys (not safe for kids to play with!), preserver, wrapping paper and a few rolls of fabric. 
We hold on to things.
I wish we didn't.
But sometimes we hold onto things not for ourselves, but for others.
We can't offend anyone by saying "No, please, we don't need the toys you used to play with as a child because our kids already have so many and those are really not safe for kids their age!"
So we open the cupboard doors and throw them in.
I have speakers.
I would love to us.
But I don't have an amp, and I do have a small child who likes to poke things, pull things down, and constantly bump his head.
Not a match made in heaven.

Our daughter has a huge bedroom, with one wall a huge built in wardrobe.
But it is full.
Mostly with garbage bags full of plastic balls from her old ball pit, and baby clothes, waiting to be given away.
Oh, and her bedding.
Since there is no room for it in our linen cupboard, it stays here.
And, as most mothers know, you tend to change toilet training kids sheets a lot, so it's easier to have them on hand.
When we moved into this house, things got thrown in, wherever they fit.
I had a two year old and a baby, no time to organize.
So I am finally catching up!
(No need to remind me how long it has been)

I started with this wardrobe.
The room was cluttered with toys.
For a big room, it was a big mess!
So I got in there, and did some fixing...

I folded the sheets, and hung them on coat hangers, moved everything over to the side, and finally threw away the old toys that had been gathering dust for months on end.
So much better!
And now, I can close off on section if I like.
The kitchen has trading hours like everything else, the library and shop are in the next section of the wardrobe, and in the end is block city and soft toy paradise.

It is so much easier to keep clean, not as much clutter everywhere, and the kids love it!

Now onto the next room....

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