Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sewing for Baby (No, not mine!)

Some amazing ladies I know are preggers, up the duff, with child, impregnated.
Yep, they are pregnant.
Of course I get clucky.
But no more children for us, my nerves barely manage through a day with the two I already have!
So what do I do?
I make things!
Baby things.
Cute things.
Like blankets...

I used these fancy little disc thingies....

In particular this one...

 To make a pretty little stitching detail all around the edge...

I love it.
Then I made a cute little whale...

 Pattern can be found HERE

Cute, yes?
Then I made some bibs, not your ordinary ones, but those super cool bandana bibs!

 Pattern can be found HERE.

 I had a helpful little guy want to model for me.
He stayed very still, unlike my usual models!

Oh and so sorry for the words just scattered around everywhere.... This new way of adding and editing photos stuffs everything up and makes me so frustrated when it just won't work for me. :S

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