Friday, June 22, 2012

Falling Into The Dr Who Abyss

My new obsession....
Dr Who!
I have had the first 5 seasons sitting, waiting for me to watch and finally I did it. I watched an episode.
One episode turned into two, then three. 
I was hooked!

It is nothing like what I was expecting.
They manage to combine mystery solving along with alien disasters but with no gruesome violence. That, I like. 
Now it appears I am not the only one obsessed (no surprise there!). 
I got my husband hooked as well.
And while browsing through the internet I found some things that I must have...

They won't make much sense to you if you haven't seen the tv show, but trust me, they are super cool!
So on these cold Winter nights, I snuggle up in bed with my crochet hook, some yarn and usually a sleepy little girl and I watch. Such a nice way to end a busy day!

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  1. I luv doctor who also! watch harry potter and you will love me forever!!!