Sunday, June 10, 2012

DIY Edible Finger Paint

The sun is shining for the first time in what feels like months (probably just a week in reality).
I have so much washing to do.
The one time my daughter wets the bed is when it is pouring down with rain, freezing cold, and she manages to pee through our only two doonas.
My kids are fans of the good old tv, but only for short bursts.
I try and catch up on washing.
I can't bring the kids outside with the piercing cold wind, and a girl who must be a nudist.
(I swear she would go nude in the snow!!)

I check the cupboards for art supplies.
She has done stickers.
She has coloured.
She mad a giant mess with play doh.
She loves to paint, and the little guy can join in too.
There is no more paint.
It's ok, we can go for a walk up to the shops.
Get some fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, maybe go to the park.
The pram is in the boot of the car.
At work with my husband.

So what do I do?
Pinterest, of course!
I type in finger paint and a whole swathe of choices pop up in front of me.
I click on this one here, and decide it is a winner.
It requires minimal ingredients.
Powdered milk.
Food dye.

Mix 3 cups of powdered milk with one cup of water.
Divide into bowls and colour with food dye (you don't need too much).

Makes some funky coral-like patterns...

The little guy was not quite sure what to do at first...

Oh, I see....

This is kinda fun!

Admiring his work...

Messy fun!

Let's see if the big girl likes it too...

Oh this is fun!

....Messy, fun!

(Sorry for the photos all over the place. Blogger does not want to co-operate today and would much rather be all artsy and chuck my pics wherever it wants!)


  1. That looks fun. Does it start to smell like off milk after as bit?

    I'm so hearing you in the laundry situation. I am running out of clothes badly!

    1. It was so much fun, but as it started to dry it got a bit sticky! It smells ok, even after it is dry a few days it just smells like the milk powder.
      I managed to get so much washing done on the one sunny day we had but then silly me forgot to bring it in before be so some got wet again, and some has that damp chill still. We need a dryer! (Though sunshine would be much nicer!) :)