Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baking for a Birthday!

I can't resist making a cake.
Making a birthday cake, with a theme, is too much fun for me.
I love it!

So when my awesome brother answered my probing cake questions, he requested a Minecraft cake.
I have seen these boys of mine play this game.
I've never played it.
Thank God for Pinterest and good old Google!
I came up with a plan, then changed it, and then again...
I played with some melted chocolate...

Baked two cakes, mud cakes, and let the creativity loose...

A lot of patience required when baking two mud cakes using the same baking tin!
But, after a few hours....

I had planned on setting the pick/axe thingy standing up on top of the cake, but the sunshine softened it in the car ride over to my brother's place....

But I think he was pretty happy with it that way anyway! 

It tasted so rich, so dense...

Of course the little sweet-toothed munchkins loved it...

Perfect mud cakes!

He wanted to explore, but have his cake too!

A piece for me...

The density of the cake made it perfect to cut into blocks...

Didn't you know sugar can make people a little silly?

Happy (belated) birthday dear brother!


  1. Wow! That cake looks GOOD! I bet he loved it!

  2. Sorry to ask a stupid question, but what is a "mud cake?" :)

    1. No, not stupid question at all! Mud cake is a very dense, fudge-like cake. :)