Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Bit of Love

It is pretty much impossible to not know that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching...
My husband & I don't really celebrate it much, maybe a surprise bunch of flowers or little treat if we are feeling like it.
We say "I Love You" every day.
With meaning, and out of habit.
When we laugh together and look into each other's eyes we say "I know why I married you..."

We understand each other, we finish each other's sentences, and we have so many of our own "in" jokes, no one could ever keep up.

In my internet exploration (aka time wasting at the end of the long day) I have come across some cute little things I had to share.

I can't credit all of them, as they have come from near & far, some have been on my computer for long, others just new.

My one tip, if you like vintage clip art, sign up for the Dover free sampler. It has samples of the books they have for sale and you can get some great stuff in them!

Some things a little more crafty too...

This Love Potion looks delicious...

I can't wait to shake up our date nights!
Some great ideas here:

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