Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Date Night

My hubby is pretty awesome.
A few weeks ago he won a double pass to go and see the new movie, Chronicle.

He called up for a competition on the radio station they listen to at work all day, Nova 96.9, and was pretty happy when he won!
We got to see it a few days before it's release, and we were excited for our date night out into the city together.

We called in the babysitter (mother in law) and got ready...

It's not often that I get all "dolled up" so I had to play around with the camera a little bit.... Sensible of course!

I slipped into one of my new dresses...

We headed off into the city and arrived at the cinema, just in time.
Our phones were taken as we walked inside, no cameras or recording devices allowed in!
Some boys who worked for the radio were chatting to the growing crowd, a prize was hidden under a seat and found as we plonked into our seats.
The movie begun.
We laughed, we jumped, we gasped, we enjoyed it a lot!

Our phones back in hand we checked in on the kids, and all was peaceful.
We wandered the streets, and finaly decided to pop in to the 3 Wise Monkeys for a quick drink and something to eat. We shared a plate of American fries with the most delicious aoli and I grabbed myself a Mojito...

It was delicious, and did not last long.
We finished up and walked the busy streets, feeling like country bumpkins, in awe that so many shops were still open so late.
We walked past a gorgeous cake + dessert shop called 85*C and had to stare.
The window was full of treats...

Including the rather funny, Naughty Bear cake...

My darling husband, AKA mango addict, got the Mango Bubble...

I picked up a lemon tart and we wandered down to grab a coffee to go with our desserts...

It was yummy, very tangy, but very thick pastry. I was choosing between the chocolate mousse and this and think I would have preferred the chocolate!

We wandered around, enjoying the last sips of our coffee, admiring some of the pretty things we walked past..

Back to the car we went, and as promised, my man let me take a photo of us together...

The cool night air was refreshing, and we were so relaxed as we chatted and drove home.

We had such a great time out together. Usually we spend date night at home, watching a movie and getting take away food as a treat. Since this we have decided to spoil ourselves and go out to see a movie every now and then!

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  1. Aw what a sweet night out! Looks like you had lots of fun.