Monday, January 2, 2012

I Have A Garden

I have a garden now.
Though I must use the term very loosely.
There is no thick green grass as a lawn.
Only cold, hard concrete, that goes from icy to burning in the Summer sunshine.

Dotted with pebbles, cracks and curves.
There are raised garden beds. From the front there are big steps of these coming down to the main area. They were once filled with beautiful flowers, roses and daisies just some.
Now it is dry, wood chip and weeds, with a few over grown or near death flowers scattered around.

In the centre is a huge raised bed, which was once a glorious pond with fountains and water features, levels of water cascading down into a large pool at the bottom.

Now it is overgrown with grass and weeds.
It has cute characters on display, like cheeky gnomes...

And a lovely lady fountain who has seen better days...

I insisted on bringing along all my pots full of vegetables and herbs, and they lie scattered near the front door, waiting to find a permanent place in the garden...

There is a lot of work to do
We used to live here many years ago, in the granny flat out the back of the main house.
I have many memories of hours spent in the burning sun, pulling weeds and being disheartened to see them all back just a week or two later.
I remember pulling out a big weed and the ground erupted with ants, they poured out of the fresh hole and scattered. This was the first of many ant colonies I discovered.

This time I am being lazy.
I will buy some form of weed killer from my beloved Bunnings and spray, spray, spray!
I have been offered some native plants and trees and they will find a place soon enough.
I want to transform this yard.
From unkempt to lush, colourful and somewhere you would WANT to sit and relax.
I have given myself a little deadline.
The kid's birthdays will start in March and we need every last bit of space to fit in our family and friends. I plan on using the large covered area outside our front door for our big table of food and decorations so having a child friendly and nice yard is a must!

Am I being a bit too optimistic?
Will I get it to match the visions I have in my mind?
Hopefully I will soon have some stunning "after" photos to share with you!