Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great De-Stash!

I've been quiet, I know, I'm sorry.
I've been busy cleaning, unpacking and sorting through a mountain of crafty stuff.
I discovered a lot of things.
Lost treasures...

What surprised me the most was the MASSIVE amount of resin jewellery I found.
Back from when I had just started my Etsy shop and was pumping out new creations every few days.

I threw away a lot.
This stuff has been in storage for a while, and some just didn't make it through.
But I was left with a lot...
So I have decided to have a little de-stash event on my Facebook page.
I would really love for you to share it with your friends. :)

I have sorted and separated the pendants and necklaces and there will be a number of gorgeous pieces up for auction, and I will be doing a RAOK (random act of kindness) for the rest.
Basically I will upload the photos in separate albums, one for the bidding, the RAOK is first to comment wins the piece. All I ask is that the winner of the RAOK pays postage, a mere $3 for Australia, and $6 for everywhere else.
There will be no starting point, you can put in a big for 10c if you like, I just want to send my goodies off to new homes, and not the garbage pile!

So keep an eye out, it will start very soon, I will make an announcement ahead of time on my Facebook page {<---- click here}

Good luck everyone, and happy bidding! :)

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