Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Soak Up The Sunshine

Remember this way back here?

Well, a part of the challenge we have undertaken is to be more active.
I go to the gym every day but I still need to teach my kids about being active themselves.
So we go and do things as a family.

Like explore new parks...

We found the perfect tree house tree...

And Eve discovered some beautiful blossoms...

We ran, we played, we walked.
We had fun.

The sun was shining again so we went to the beach...

While the big kids went to dip their toes in, myself and the little one dipped our toes in the warm sand...

The water was icy cold so we spotted the pools in the distance and went for a wander.
We collected shells along the way...

The water was still cold but we went in, splashing and playing in the children's pool.
After a while the little one got tired and cranky, so we headed back to the playground just off the beach.
The big girl played, made new friends.
It started to get cool, and late, so we packed ourselves up into the car and headed home for a delicious dinner of grilled fish and veges with couscous...

So all in all, a good day!


  1. that dinner looks yummy!! do you put anything on the fish before you grill it?

  2. Thanks Rosie, it is so good! I sprinkle a litle reduced salt seasoning on the fish or if I want something spicy, a little Cajun. :)

  3. Ohn It all sounds perfect and what great lil ones your raising!
    I cannot believe you do all that and then have time/energy to cook a delish dinner. My Lil guy makes every night a Challenge as to what I can cook quick enough.lol!

  4. I must drain every minute out of every day to get the bare essentials done! And that is on a good day! I won't tell you about the bad, quick fix meals we have had, or the times when Eve has had 2min noodles for dinner because she is being stubborn and I am too tired to try and negotiate! If I don't cook dinner early in the day or at least prep it all then it just doesn't happen.
    I've missed reading about your gorgeous little family, your little man must be getting big too! Xoxo