Friday, November 4, 2011

Mums United Healthy Changes Challenge Giveaway!

So, here it is!
The big giveaway has arrived!

So let's get back to where it all started...
Love Your Heart.
We have been making changes in our house.
I set goals.
Did we reach our goals?

Less tv for the kids.

We have made a difference on this one, I have been planning little crafting and cooking activities with Eve and Eli has a new bouncer which he loves to play in or he sits in his high chair and sucks on some oranges and watches us cook. They still watch more tv than I would like, but it is a slow process, hampered by rainy weather.

More family walks to the park.

Yes, we have been out and about as a family, walking to the park, wandering on the beach or exploring new parks to run around in. I would still like to get out a little more on weekdays though.

Meal makeovers.

Our diet has been thrown upside down and shaken all around over the last few weeks. I have experimented in the kitchen with new recipes and have had Eve in the kitchen with me, learning about vegetables and tasting new ones, raw and cooked. Eli has tried new foods too, and he loves to chew and suck on oranges and toast.

Healthier snacks.

I feel like we have achieved something good here! My snacks have been mainly vege sticks with hummus and Eve has started to eat apples by herself, no chopping, straight off the core. I still buy her bananas as well, even with the high prices. I find that it is mainly our choices, I still buy her snack foods but I choose things like rice wheels and popcorn which I can have too. They are a much healthier alternative to oil soaked chips!

Less takeaway food.

We have had a little bit of takeaway food, but less than usual. My husband and I have date night on Saturday night and we always get take away for dinner so it's a little special. I decided to try something different and cook a nice meal for us, one we both like, but tweaked to be a bit healthier. Another alternative was buying just a naan bread to have with home cooked spicy vege soup, instead of buying the usual other fried goodies and curries as well. I make my own brown rice at home instead of ordering white with our meals and I buy a healthy quick meal or two for those nights where we are all exhausted and hungry and tempted to eat bad foods.

More vegetables.

Yes, yes, yes! I did some experimenting in the kitchen the other nit and threw some vegetable in my wok with a little olive oil and garlic and they came out divine, I had a huge serve of those with my dinner and definitely got in my days worth of veg!
Every week when we get our food shopping I chop up celery and carrot into sticks and pop them in a big container in the fridge for snacking.
Each week when we get our shopping I make up a big bowl of salad, no dressing so it lasts longer. It's great to have as sides for our dinners and I also throw a big handful in a tortilla with some tuna and cheese for a nice quick lunch. I like to mix it up a bit with different salads each week so we have good variety.

All in all i think we have made some great changes, and will continue to do more.
I have learned quite a lot along the way, but my best tip for you....
Try doing your food shopping online!
I did our food shopping online last week, it was so easy to just pop on the computer and find what I was after and put it in my virtual trolley. I ordered only the necessities and was stunned to see I had saved us $100 off our usual grocery bill!
I bought no junk food.
No chips or chocolate were thrown in to the trolley while my back was turned.
No temptation to lead you astray.
Give it a try, it is easier than you think!

To help you on your way to a healthier diet and lifestyle I have three awesome prizes up for grabs:

**Third prize is a $50 Woolworths Gift Card.**

I understand that some of the healthier foods can be more expensive, but my advice is to give them a try, try online shopping, or skip the aisles that you don't need anything in. It will save your waist and your wallet!

**Second prize is a $100 Rebel Sport Gift Card**

Looking for some inspiration to get the family involved in some fun activities? Why not try something new? Get some equipment from Rebel, they have a great range of fun games to get the whole family involved! (who can resist giant water blasters?)

**First prize is a whopping $200 Kmart Gift Card**

Oh yes, how awesome is this! I love Kmart, it has everything there. Everything you could need to change your lifestyle to a healthier one. Grab some comfy workout clothes to exercise in, get your kids a new bike to ride, grab some fun outdoor toys to run around and play with, pick up a heart healthy cookbook and maybe a grill or steamer. They really do have it all, and at such great prices.

So here are the boring but necessary details.
I've made it easy to enter.
Each of these will get you one entry:
  • Follow my blog
  • Become a fan of my blog page on Facebook
  • Leave a comment with your a healthy tip.

(E.g. "Hey there, I liked you on Facebook, my name is Daisy D)

The giveaway will end two weeks from today, on the 18th of November. I will three times to find the winner, if the same number is drawn again after already winning, I will draw again.

It is only open to Australian residents (prizes wouldn't be of much use elsewhere!)

Good luck everyone!!


  1. My healthy tip would be to use avacoado on toast/bread instead of butter :)

  2. I am now following your blog :)

  3. I am now following your blog (found you through TSL)

  4. And I now follow you on Facebook!

  5. Healthy tip - ice blocks with fruit pieces and 'baby fruit juice' make yummy and fun snacks

    Kelly shuttlewood

  6. And my healthy tip is strange but true: Give yourself something sweet every day.....even if it's one square of chocolate, it will stop you from craving sweet stuff and binging on the sweets when the craving gets too much!

  7. My tip is to get rid of your tv. W did two years ago ad haven't looked back. Also I do a menu plan so there is less temptation to eat takeaway.

  8. also liking your fb. my email is

  9. Healthy tip - when you go shopping (or somewhere with a carpark) park at the far end of the carpark. Then you have to walk that bit further.

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  11. I am loving your healthy recipes and the inspiration.

  12. I started following your blog, liked you on Facebook, and started following you on Pinterest, just for good measure. (And to get more pins than Sally :P)

  13. I'm already following Clare on Pinterest so :P Susan!! LOL

  14. Hi, My healthy tip is simply to leave the car at home. It is actually easier to strap the kids in the stroller ans walk than it is to put them in and out of the car. If you have to drive to town, park somewhere (with free parking!)at the edge of town, and walk around once you get there.

  15. I still pin more than you Sally!
    OK, this is a second comment to say I liked you on facebook, so you have separate comments for each ;)

  16. Hello from your newest facebook liker :D

  17. Just found your FB page and am following... twice :D

  18. Been stalking the blog for ages now and am an avid follower

  19. And hello again from your newest blog follower ^_^

  20. You totally rock for having accomplished so many great changes! I have to jump on that bandwagon now.

    And what a fantastic thing to have such a generous giveaway.

    My healthy tip: take everything a moment at a time. Leave the schedule at home and give yourself the freedom to to what you love. Instead of planning when and how to exercise, see what the day is like. You might feel like running around the park rather than going to the gym. If you wake up feeling like salad, great! But if you have a hankering for something else, go for it - just make healthy choices.

    I get more done, make better choices and have heaps more fun if I don't feel I 'failed' or 'cheated'. By letting myself be free to choose I accomplish my goals.

    Wow, long-winded. Sorry :D

  21. My tip for reaching health challenges is: Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.
    It sounds so simple, until I realized that the amount of clutter & my to-do list were growing at a similar rate! Not to mention my WASTELINE!
    Dieting & exercise sessions weren't reducing it & I started getting frustrated.
    To distract myself I decided to 'get into the top of the wardrobes' - I've been putting it off since my 2yr old was born! it was a start :-D A GREAT start. Now I not only have more energy for my exercise sessions but ALL THE FIDDLY jobs are getting done, AND my upper arms and tummy are reducing, just by getting more done.
    (YES the picture rails require dusting!)

  22. shannyn-Leigh HowellNovember 7, 2011 at 10:06 PM

    And your blog

  23. Shannyn-Leigh howellNovember 7, 2011 at 10:07 PM

    I'm following you on Facebook...

  24. Shannyn-Leigh HowellNovember 7, 2011 at 10:09 PM

    My healthy tip is to always have a bottle of water handy then your less likely to drink soft drinks etc

  25. Clare, I've had your blog saved in favourites for a while now, but I'm now subscribed!
    My halthy tips are- never shop on an empty stomach!
    And go outside every day, even if it's just for ten minutes, on the varandah!

  26. My healthy tip is to make YUMMY fake ice cream :)

    Peel and freeze and bananas you have that might be too ripe to eat, then when they are frozen, blend them....yum!

  27. Hello from your newest facebook liker :)

  28. And hello from your newest blog follower :D

  29. My healthy tip is to smile and laugh more often, you will feel great :D

  30. The effectiveness of an abdominal Exercise device on the abdominal area is much less than one would think, in fact the effects of abdominal exercises are far less than that of walking, jogging or cycling for a similar level of perceved effort.

  31. Keep a water bottle with you all the time, you'll get in teh habit of taking little sips here and there and before you know it your water intake will be up! :)

    I keep one by my bed and have one either beside me at home or in my handbag all the time.

    kate1485 at

  32. I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485

    kate1485 at

  33. I'm a fan on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

    kate1485 at

  34. my healthy tip would be to cut out all refined sugars in your diet. they are addictive and contribute greatly to obesity in our country - especially as it is in everything! it's always best to make food from scratch at home so you know what you are consuming.
    thanks for the opportunity :)

  35. Hi Clare - as you know I'm a follower of your Blog, Facebook and Pinterest! keep up the great work. my tip is to gather loads of healthy recipes on Pinterest and use them for inspiration for healthy family meals.

  36. meant to add - muz2299 is your Aunty Maria!

  37. Another fellow follower. Love your tips Clare. Liz hawdon