Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Giant Birthday Cupcake

Not too long ago it was someone's birthday.
A pretty cool someone.
A pretty fun someone.
So I pulled out my brand new giant cupcake baking tin and decided to give it a go.
I explored new recipes and picked this one from Not Quite Nigella.
White Chocolate & Honey Mudcake.

I love baking.
But I love decorating even more.
I had so much fun making this cake!
I have never really used fondant before, except for some cookies a while ago, so this was a bit new to me.

The rich, fudgey cake was a chocoholics dream.
White chocolate in the cake.
Smooth dark chocolate smothered over the base of the cake, with a creamy layer of chocolate frosting sandwiched between it and the top.

Oh yes, LOTS of chocolate.

Amazingly enough I still had batter left over after filling the giant cupcake tin.
I poured it into my new muffin trays.

I brushed the tops with dark chocolate and poured sprinkles on top.

The cake itself was so dense. It was more like fudge than cake!
The flavour was lovely, but because it was so rich, only a very small amount could be eaten.
Probably a good thing!

So do you have a good mudcake recipe?
I did have one many years ago but it has been lost!
Please share!

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