Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Windy Weather Calls For Warm, Hearty Dinner

A blast of cold Spring air has hit us over the last few days. What appears to be a beautiful sunny day outside turns into a blustery storm, with icy winds lashing at your mistakenly dressed body.

A change in dinner was called for and I pulled out a recipe that looked perfect.

I have had this magazine clipping for a while but never quite got around to making up a big batch.
Finally I did.
It looked good.
It smelled amazing.
From what I heard, the taste was also amazing.

It's a simple dish, but full of flavour.
I tweaked mine a little (as I always do), left out the eggs (we had none), used one kind of mince and of course put more vegetables in there.

It was a hit with the meat eater so I guess I can mark the clipping as "yummy" and keep it for next time.

I have also been giving some of my favourite foods a bit of a healthy makeover.

Vegetarian Laksa using coconut flavoured evaporated milk...

Much better than the previous version with full blown coconut cream in it!

Another favourite of mine is quiche...

I made this for lunch one day, it was fast, easy and so delicious. I whisked up some eggs with fresh asparagus and some semi sun dried tomatoes (just a little bit for flavour), added a pinch of cheese and baked until set.
No pastry crust makes this a lot better for you!
Served with a big side salad and it was a great lunch all round.


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