Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Belong In The 50's...

Someday I feel like a real 50's housewife.
I cook,
I clean,
I wash,
I garden,
I feed, entertain and care for both of my gorgeous kids.
I love it.
Such a simple and happy life I have!
I love teaching my daughter how to cook and help and be creative.
I love showering both my kids with love and affection, and cherish the gurgling of my now 11 week old son.

Recently I had my birthday, and ten days later it was my brother's birthday. Him and his wife have come down for a visit and we both exchanged gifts over dinner...

My family (and my dear hubby) know me better than anyone else in this world! They bless me with lovely gifts which are just perfectly "me".

So I love to spoil them back with everything I can.

We gave 1/4 of this to my brother, his wife and my grandparents who they were staying with. It is so deliciously rich.
(If anyone would like the recipe I have it in pdf format I can email to you)

I also experimented with cookies and pretty icing. They look lovely and the icing is nicer than royal but they really aren't my thing. I love decorating them but not eating.

My garden is so lush! I am picking snow peas daily, and the herbs as I please. The fruit on the lemonade tree are slowly swelling up and the lettuce is crowded and overflowing!

But today will be a quiet day.
Both my boys are sick.
I am tired after caring for my little man overnight with his chesty cough and his sniffly nose.
If we could we would stay in all day, but we need to go food shopping, and possibly a visit to the doctor to get my little guy checked in case it is anything worse than just a common bug.
So off we go, tissues in hand!

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