Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday.
I am 24.
So far I have:
Done washing,
Done dishwasher,
Cuddled my girl,
Cuddled my boy,
Not even seen my hubby yet (he leaves for work before I get out of bed),
Been inundated with messages on Facebook,
Blown bubbles with my girl while my boy slept,
Eaten left over Thai for lunch, forgetting how the spice intensifies overnight.

Yesterday was a big day for us. Mother's Day.
My in laws came over for lunch (the Thai-yum!) and then we took Eve for a quick run to the park followed by a big family dinner at my grandparent's place. It was so lovely to see my family, we eat and laugh together.

Plans for the rest of the day?
Nothing at all.
Does it bother me?
Not really.
I do miss my friends and would love to see them, but it is not possible to do a 5hr drive for a quick visit!
I had planned on making a nice dinner for hubby & I but now I look in the fridge and see it full of leftovers so I can't waste them!

But it's ok, I have had fun playing with my wonderful birthday present from my hubby, my awesome new camera.

I turn around and my big girl is giving my little man cuddles...

Having a chat...

Let's blow bubbles!

Hmm... We have discovered LOTS of baby fish....

We will need to investigate ways of getting rid of them! Willing to give away to anyone and everyone, even pet shops!

So that is my birthday.
Nothing big.
Nothing fancy.
Just lots of love,
The way I like it.

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  1. so glad you had a lovely birthday, your babies are soooooooo beautiful and its good to see your blog again.luv ya.glenda