Monday, May 16, 2011

Delicious Dinners and Beautiful Brunches

My creative outlet seems to have switched over to cooking.
It is not easy seeing so many beautiful blogs, with so many beautiful craft projects I am dying to try.
But the hardest of all is choosing to cook the healthy meals over the incredible looking cakes, slices and cookies....

For breakfast the other morning I got creative.
My little man was back asleep and my tummy was rumbling in protest.
I dug deep in the fridge and pulled out a few things that made my mouth water....
Semi dried tomatoes,
Parmesan cheese,
More cheese!
Add that to some bread, dried garlic and salt and pepper and....

This is the only photo I have. Why? It was so delicious that both the little girl and I scoffed most of it down the second the plate hit the table.
So what was it?
French toast with garlic, semi dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese.
It was amazing.
I made it again the following day to show my hubby how yum it was.

For dinner that night I decided to make a lasagne. I love lasagne but with vegetarian ones they can get a bit blah and just taste like tomatoes.
There was a packet mix kit at the supermarket we used to love which was a mushroom based sauce but it is no where to be found.
So I made one with delicious creamy ricotta, spinach and mushrooms.

To make dinner a bit healthier I made an experimental salad. The last experimental salad turned out so well my hubby could not stop eating it! And he is not a huge salad person.
So I pondered what flavours I like and it brought me back to Gazpacho!
You may have seen my recent post on Gazpacho Soup.
We loved the flavours so I decided to make a Gazpacho salad.
The same but minus some water and using a little less tomato paste.

Dessert..... Well I have a giant folder full of recipes I have collected over the years. Some I have never made but I saw one I could not resist.
Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding.

It looked good, it smelled good.... But the taste was less than spectacular.
I had doubts when I was mixing it up together.
So I hate to say, with our small servings taken out it is still sitting on the kitchen bench, waiting to be eaten.
I am so sorry puddin', you are doomed for the bin!
It's times like these I miss having chickens, they would have loved this treat!

Today I will be attempting to make some fudge....
Specifically this Caramel Hazelnut Fudge.
Though any of these fudge recipes look good too!
We do have enough ingredients to do two different kinds..... Or should I save the sweetened condensed milk for something else?
We have discussed the issue and decided upon....
Key Lime Pie.
I have a photo of the last one I made on
This time I will make it in a shallower dish though! It was delicious but too rich for such big pieces.
Off to the kitchen I go....

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