Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baking in the morning.

This morning we have been biscuiting!
We started the day with some yummy breakfast, and a quick read of our new magazine....

Then onto the biscuits!
I decided now is the best time to take photos, because I fear after they are baked, they will not be around long enough to snap!

Never skimp out on the jam...

Traffic light cookies!

Mmmm... Do you want to know how many Smarties went into Eve's mouth? About twice the amount that went into these cookies!

And here is the recipe in case you were interested...

I also discovered some more recipe filled websites which I have yet to explore fully, but look good!



Eat Healthy America


  1. Well done....Yum um Yum1 If I lived nearby I would pop by and help you scoff them:)

  2. I wish you would! I had to hide them away as we (Eve helped a little) have already eaten 3 jam cookies.... They are yummo!
    I was happy they turned out since I didn't have any eggs I had to substitute.

  3. So, I can come live with you right?