Monday, January 4, 2010

Peach Hunting

Yesterday out of sheer desperation for some 'quiet time' I took my daughter for a walk around the oval behind our house. Next to the oval is a gravel road and on the other side of that is an abandoned house on a large (and beautiful) property. At least a few acres there!
The house is falling apart, with an old brick chimney slanting off the wall, window frames bent out of their holes. It has this strange creepy look to it, though I am sure it was once beautiful with it's coloured glass windows.
While walking I noticed our neighbour passing the house, stopping and digging around in a big bushy tree next to the house. I was curious.
I followed my usual route and ended up passing the spot where he had been and there I saw it.
The BIGGEST peach tree I have ever seen!

And it was dripping with fruit just begging to be picked. I looked up and it reached past the roof of the house, and went back half the length of the house, with a nectarine tree tucked behind. It is probably two trees, maybe three, but here is a photo (with my over 6" husband to show you the size).

Yes, he had the look on his face of "Wow she wasn't lying-it is HUGE! All that fruit, where to start??"
I had picked a few yesterday but it seemed that the biggest, most ripe ones were just out of reach, over the fence line.
So when my husband got home I told him about this tree and that we had to go back tomorrow and sneak in to grab some more.......
I did......
We went over, I slid between the wires of a very run down fence and grabbed a bag full of peaches. They are now outside in the lovely warmth ripening slowly.
But now what to do with them????
Should I preserve them?
Cook with them?
Make jam?

After I hauled my bag into the bottom of the pram we set off home, passing the horses nearby.
Our lovely and very brave little dog decided she wanted to investigate this horse. And then give it a big sloppy kiss on the nose!

I was so busy trying to catch the moment (have to use my camera on my phone as we are out of batteries for the big one) when I looked up....

No! Wait for meeeeee!!

Finally arrived home and had to go check on my veges. After a week straight of rain (and me managing to put some seeds in the ground) everything is starting to look so green and grow so fast.

My yummy little squash.

Come on cucumber, you can do it! I want to EAT YOU!!!! Mwahahaha!!

Now I am off to look for my drill. I have so many pieces that need sanding and drilling and all the rest but I cannot find my drill anywhere! I let a friend borrow it, got it back and then it disappeared. Maybe it liked her house better than ours and has run away from home.


  1. Thats photos are so warm ,Now snowing here and I like looking your photos Thats lovely :)
    Sorry for my english I just want to share :)

  2. I would love some snow!
    From our little walk getting the peaches I got sunburnt :(

  3. Ohh sorry,I had last summer too ,that hurt.

    Thats for you :)

  4. That is so beautiful!
    Makes me want to throw snowballs!